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Bryce Speed FX

  • 50.00€ 52.90€

Produkta Apraksts

  • Zīmols: Butterfly
  • Preces kods: Bryce Speed FX
  • Pieejamība: Ir pieejams ražotāja noliktavā

Pieejamās iespējas

In addition to BRYCE SPEED, the FX version offers a softer sponge and therefore increases ball control and feeling. Therefore, BRYCE SPEED FX is the best alternative for the spin orientated player who does not want to relinquish the advantages of BRYCE SPEED. Playing from medium distance, BRYCE SPEED FX is ideal with the amount of spin imparted being both effective and dynamic. The procedure for affixing BRYCE SPEED FX is the same as for BRYCE SPEED. Simply affix it to your blade and enjoy your game without the need of repeated fresh gluing. 

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