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Bryce Speed

  • 50.00€ 52.90€

Produkta Apraksts

  • Zīmols: Butterfly
  • Preces kods: Bryce Speed
  • Pieejamība: Ir pieejams ražotāja noliktavā

Pieejamās iespējas

Our product development team has perfected their initial idea. They have modified the known advantages of BRYCE and created BRYCE SPEED, a rubber which possesses the characteristics of freshly glued BRYCE. The introduction of BRYCE SPEED means that BUTTERFLY offers a product that has explosive speed combined with the highest Japanese standards. High quality; the new rubber, based on High Tension technology, is suited perfectly for dynamic attacking and spin orientated table tennis. BRYCE SPEED provides that vital ingredient in enabling winning strokes to be executed. BRYCE SPEED: maximum speed, excellent spin. Why look for alternatives? Simply affix BRYCE SPEED to your blade by means of a basic type glue, such as BUTTERFLY FREE CHACK, and enjoy dynamic table tennis without the need of repeated fresh gluing.

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